Join Our Team is our flagship technology product at Nehloo Interactive. We’re on our accelerated path to the top, that’s why we welcome you to apply to join us, if you love emerging technologies and visual learning and education.

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Our purpose and mission

Here at LOOK, our passion is to help people learn visually, and empower themselves with visual experiences and knowledge.

We’ve developed a software platform core, with virtually an infinite applications in education and training. From students, apprentices, trainees, to companies employees, organizations members, government staff, and even further to families, celebrities, astronauts (yes, we’re a NASA semifinalist) and so on, LOOK creates visual excitement and enhances the teaching and learning for a wide variety of people and organizations.

LOOK empowers individuals, organizations and corporations with custom visual experiences, personalized learning, and augmented training.

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Nelu Lazar
Nelu LazarFounder & CEO
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth NguyenCOO
Gena Lazar
Gena LazarAssociate Advisor


Cinda Kelley
Cinda KelleyExecutive Business Advisor
Matthew Brown
Matthew BrownEducation Advisor
Joshua Towns
Joshua TownsIT & Marketing Advisor