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About LOOK

“Using LOOK with videos from [a science channel on YouTube] has sent our classroom into a parallel universe. Imagine a world where students ASK for homework!”

Nick Schreyer, Science Teacher

What started in 2013 as a parents couple’s simple need to boost their kids’ learning with online educational videos — while controlling the experience and keeping them away from harmful content — today has grown into a full-featured software platform for visual education for any age: LOOK.

Here at LOOK, our passion is visual e-learning — with a practical impact in education, professional development, research or awareness.

Interactive videos, innovative teaching and learning concepts, VR, AR, MR, and other emerging visual technologies are, or grow to be, key tools to effectively learn, explore, communicate, solve problems and develop meaningful lives, research and career pathways, today and into the future.


Gena Lazar
Gena LazarCo-Founder
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth NguyenCOO
Nelu Lazar
Nelu LazarFounder & CEO


Cinda Kelley
Cinda KelleyExecutive Business Advisor
Matthew Brown
Matthew BrownEducation Advisor
Joshua Towns
Joshua TownsIT & Marketing Advisor