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To learn best, you need someone you trust to curate, organize and send you relevant visual content  that you should really really see.

Your role on LOOK (option #1 – Champion):



noun – aka champion – /ˈlərnər/ – definition

On LOOK, the learner (aka champion) is someone, or an audience, who learns about or is made aware of a topic via visual resources (videos, video-quizzes, VR & AR) organized and delivered by curators, via this software platform.

Learners (aka champions) could be children, students, parents, employees, entrepreneurs, veterans, inmates, members, customers, astronauts etc.


Your role on LOOK (option #2 – Hero):



noun – aka hero – /ˈkyo͝orˌādər/ – definition

On LOOK, a curator (aka hero) is a person, company or organization who curates and delivers visual resources (videos, video-quizzes, VR & AR) for their audiences of visual learners, via this software platform.

Curators (aka heroes) could be parents, K-12 teachers, after-school mentors, college faculty, workforce training instructors, teammates or HR, a mall or retail store, a sports center or venue, a nonprofit, or even the government etc.


These types of visual resources should help you get better educated, grow your skills, or enhance your awareness:

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What you see is what you learn!

On LOOK, people and organizations you trust guide you to what you should really really see…

LOOK collects all videos shared with you

Enough with videos and links to videos being LOST within your emails, txt msgs, web browser tabs, YouTube, Blackboard or Canvas LMS, Slack, WhatsApp, handouts, brochures etc.!

Videos shared by people, companies or organizations you trust are all collected on LOOK, in one single place, organized by topics and by curator:

Key Features

Use LOOK to educate or learn with Videos, VR & AR resources.

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